Abstract Art Examples: How do these images make you feel?

  • We’ve all seen them. Abstract art is a peculiar genre. Some people would argue they are overblown in regard to their obscurity and usually discombobulated form. Yet many of us esteem in the highest grade – even on the verge of being the work of a genius. When we hear of abstract art we first think of Picasso mostly. But these pieces are more geared to evoke deep esoteric emotion rather than more defined, congruent, pictures like mountains, architecture, ocean art, and so forth.

I will show you three abstract depictions. I will tell you what these three abstract art examples evoke in me as good as I can. As I do this, feel free to do some emotional digging of your own.

It is also important that most abstracts have no official title. In light of that, I would ask what you would name these yourself. Moving on, you most likely see the above to be derived from the sky or space. This could be a scene from dusk from the viewpoint of Earth. But what sets this off a little is its tinge of pink. From this it appears more like looking through an orbital space telescope to a nebula. Moreover, it seems to be almost seems to resemble a cloud from the blue cloud-like border. And, like almost all abstracts, it is surreal and dreamlike.




  • This example to the left is less succinct and definable. If you could assign an emotion to it what would it be?transient? awkward?- blissful? To me it is derivative of what I would see when I close my eyes. Specifically, It is a conglomeration of all the images I see in my day when I shut my eyes.

That is why abstracts are so popular – you see what you want to see. Getting back to the painting itself, you see a generally blue background offset by a yellow-green smudge. It is more or less portrayed by straight or jagged lines if you look at it closer. You can see small accents of white with the biggest one in the right middle of the painting.

This white contrasts from the overall blue shading of the whole piece with its white neutral shading. On a more humorous note, I can see the profile of Elvis Presley on a smudge to the left. How’s that for visual interpretation? lol.







  • The final example from the bottom is very pronounced. Images of children’s Teddy bears, cotton candy and colorful toddler art comes to mind. It just speaks of happiness and joy. It could also be a very cheerful deep-space nebula.

If you were to rate this image from criteria like creativity, originality, overall enticing appearance and nostalgia factor where would set the bar at? This is a rhetorical question. I’m not asking you to stare at this for thirty minutes and leave me a rating from one to ten. However, I am curious to know how you like and interpret these three examples.

One of the things I find myself doing is to zone out on abstracts. It’s quite a trip. Sometimes, an art piece is highly praised because on its artist. I once saw something on Discovery, Animal Planet, or some other similar channel. It showed a dolphin with a paint brush in its mouth brushing a large canvas or construction paper. I later learned that this “dolphin art” sales for thirty thousand dollars or more for each one! If this the case, anyone could buy a dolphin on a loan and pay it back with no sweat. Eh, it’s good thought I suppose.


Well that’s my spiel . Please leave a comment about anything I discussed or what else you’d like to learn of about these images or just abstract art in general. I’d love to hear from you.