Why I love Art Images!

You may ask why I say “Why I love art images” rather than just “why I like art.” That is because almost every image can potentially be art! It could be a picture or drawing of a building, a self-portrait, a painting of a vast forest or of a beautiful sunset over a blue ocean. In regard to abstract art, a misshapen, dried piece of clay could deeply sway someone’s heart in a way that is special on a more psychological, and deviating manner. That is why, in anyone’s case, every loves art. Even things like ear rings or sun glasses reflect a realm of art.

You’ve heard the saying “The human body is a work of art.” And it’s true, not just externally but how our internal mechanisms work together. Have you ever been to the doctor’s office and be fascinated by those little 3D plastic models of the brain or the human blood circulation system? That’s art!

Art is probably the oldest form of human constructs like wooden huts, stone castles and even roads. Art has evolved over the millennia. Mosaics are one of the oldest form of art probably due to their resilience to the elements and human handling.

During the stone Ag era a common from of art was cave paintings. Among the very oldest are those in the Chauvat cave in Ardache France. Here, during the time popularly called the Stone Age, a good portion displays animals like tigers and mammoths. During that time, life was fairly simple. One would surmise that the bulk of life consisted of hunting, crops, crude tools, weapons and war.

Returning to the main subject at hand, art infuses the most peculiar, and surreal pleasure that the eye can observe. Some people can sit in front of a painting for hours. What is that strange unidentifiable quality that induces people to do such a thing? Some people would argue it is as enigmatic element that is as mysterious as the soul itself.

People have different visual triggers that feed their creative, aesthetic thirst. Some stick to the baffling, esoteric realm of abstract art. None can name why they are fascinated by such things. Other art admirers might relish the vibrant, expressive, weird, conglomerated life-shots of caricatures. But for those of a more peaceful serene taste, nature paintings are more preferred.

So the next time you venture out on your daily life, just think of all those veritable art images you’ll come across  They’re hard to avoid!