Original Vintage Movie Posters

Traditionally, posters were made solely to carry a message or propaganda opinions. Later though, there came original vintage movie posters. Moreover, they advertised events like conventions, concerts or clothing store sales. But pretty much a variety of items were advertised on posters.  On a lesser scale, posters were simply templates on which real authentic art is copied onto a paper surface.

A classic poster of a Pepsi ad from around the 1950’s.

With the invention of the lithograph, posters wee mass produced. One of the most famous and familiar posters came from the US military. This of course was the “Uncle Sam wants YOU!”  poster. In between the time period beginning from July 8th 1914 onward past September 1st 1939, each date being the start of World War I and World war II, almost all major powers used posters that had bold,large and colorfully vibrant captions to beef up and give flare to army recruitment efforts.

Along with with the bold logos, dramatic or sleek pictures of men in uniform added to entice  potential soldiers.

Putting the very brief past of the overall poster history, we move to the reason you’re here…classic movie posters!

Another collective term for this is film art. It began with, of course, drawn and colored pictures printed on paper. However, shortly, 10 years after the beginning of contemporary art in 1970, real photos were used to portray visual content.

Before that though, the first featured film that was advertised on a poster happened in the year 1965. It was entitled “L’arroseur arrose.”

The typical movie poster was dispensed by the theater that featured the film. When the movie had reached the point of termination in the theater, the poster poster was taken down. But the strong, and effective use of these posters were not disposed of. Rather, they were delivered to a program called the National Screen Service. Here old movie posters were redistributed to be viewed by the public eye when the movie was put back into other theaters.

However, when a poster outlived its cycle of longevity and the movie was out of circulation, it was destroyed. These posters that were to worn out, were also disposed of. Nevertheless, eager collectors would pay hefty sums to own what are today classic movie posters.

Specifically, one poster that was made to advertise the movie “The Metropolis” sold for closes to a quarters of a million dollars at the price of $690,000. If you’re reading this, than you are a vintage collector, or you are just curios.

In this article I will offer you a few of the most complete classic or vintage posters available and produced. But before I do, I will expound smaller, and more easily produced item based off of posters. This form of advertising came in cards called Lobby Cards. They were issued in packs that usually ranged from four  that advertised movies with low budgets. Movies that had more money to invest into its production could dispersed as many as twelve.

Likewise, bigger cards were made for more affect. They came in smaller sorts as well. Typically, each card portrayed a scene of the related motion picture. But Lobby Cards eventually phased out and movie posters in the present contemporary era, feature ones that use illustrations and photos.

Eventually, teaser posters were made. More or less, these were the retro mediums that were the forerunner to teaser trailer of today. In this manner, these posters gave vague snip-its, or hints at the movie release date and the movie’s brief showing of its contents.


Original Vintage Movie Posters for sale.

Feel free to explore and view these unique vintage movie posters! I hope you find them attractive and nostalgic enough to decorate you home with! As always please consider leaving comments!

This is the Holy Grail of sci-fi posters for sure!- and at a great price in my opinion. It features posters of the first and second movies, The Empire Strikes Back and Return of the Jedi. The third poster is a rendition of the whole trilogy. It nicely shows all the classic characters with Luke Skywalker in the forefront and the evil Darth Vader looming in the back at the top. He is likewise depicted in such a position on all three. It may go to show that the helmeted Sith apprentice is the iconic objects of the whole series.

One word that I could describe this with is…organized. By that I mean each characterized is in its own compartment – literally. The two main characterized, Indiana Jones and his father played by Sean Connery, are boldly depicted in the top of the rectangle frame if you would. The four supporting actors, are pictured on the four sides in little niches. It is concise and easy on the eyes. To me, it also more readily recalled to the mind. The title and the caption is neatly put as well. So in a recap, this is a solid, effective advertising example that really brings me back. I hope it is this way from you also!

A one-of-a-kind representation of a 90’s classic movie! The beauty of this poster is the trademark T-Rex bone profile that is nicely accented with the font and size of the title. Because it does not have any pictures, it really gets my imagination piqued. It is a simple and easy to recall. This spawned four sequels that more or less made use of the move logo. But, in my opinion, there is nothing like the original, as is the case for lots of movies. This original is near the price of most reproductions of vintage posters. So it’s a great buy!

When people think of Star Wars, they see Darth Vader, light sabers, intergalactic star ships and of course the force. But there is an essential element that is simply needed…the droids. Whether it’s C3PO, R2D2, battle droids, commando droids or observation droids, this four piece poster set is for you. It is an integral aspect of the films. Shown here is an accurate blueprint of a few of the droids.


I hope the selection of original vintage posters pertained to you. I also desire you found the explanatory segment stimulation and that you enjoyed it. If for some reason you did not fancy the info part, please let me know and I will address that issue and feel free to suggest what kind of content you would prefer. But if you did enjoy all of this background stuff and such, let me know as well.

Until next time art connoisseurs, I wish you luck on whatever your looking for- here or other wise!