Acrylic Painting Ideas


Disclaimer: The following are methods derived off YouTube. I did not create them nor do I own them. I did modify and add to them as I see fit so it is not word for word descriptions.

Flower Squares

For this idea, you will need a small piece of canvas to be wrapped over a tile about eight by eight inches long. Your goal is to make flower collage that bursts with life. It will also cause a focused center of attention.

To begin with, completely cover the surface with a light purple.                          Next, use a small pointed brush to dab on the canvas to create to the flower center. The good thing about acrylic forms of this nature is that you can work with mistakes. And since you are creating a depiction of more or less random or general  strokes and blotches, It’s quite hard to distinguish what is a mistake outright. It relates somewhat to the abstract method.

Then once you have your dots, use the blotching method to depictions of petals. They can be a few difference colors. Next  liberally blotch and make fine strokes around your flowers to simulate a rich and varied garden colors. Again the intended image will not get lost because you will in fact be intentionally be making a random portrayal through improvising.

By now the array of shapes and colors have dried. Getting towards the end, you will paint on more white hue to make the picture slightly raised as it is applied. This gives it a 3D texture. At this point, you should have a yield of happy, joyful flowers.

The Sunset and Forest Idea

This following method or idea is succinctly and simply titled. It is also meant for beginners. To be accurate, this entails the use off one canvas. It will be put on a single surface side-by-side. I will begin with the sunset portrayal. To be specific, it as a sunset from the view of an island surrounded by water with a palm tree in the front view.

Start by covering half of the canvas with a vibrant yellow on the left part fo the surface. Next, from the top, apply a coat of red over the yellow hue with a hot pink. Use back and forth motions when applying with a long bristled brush. When the top part is covered with pink of back and put another coat of yellow over the top pink section on the upper surface.

Now you will be begin the forest phase. Apply a layer of blue to the right side the same way you did with the yellow before. Only this time, begin your back and forth motion roughly in the middle of the right side. Then use a dark, purplish blue which is also called Prussian blue as it is called. Paint the upper part of the regular blue with the Prussian blue.

Next, paint a white hue beginning from the bottom up with the same back and forth fashion. After applying the white, go over it with the blue shade. No we return to the left side. As stated, there is water and you will be putting in white water reflections. Before that, display a sun with a small white ball at the middle-right section of the sunset side.

At this point use a point brush to make white shading bellow the sun. A horizontal water line will be created now. Next paint a strip of black at the bottom of the canvas to portray the island section. Then use the black to create a semicircle series off strokes coming down from the right upper edge. This will be your over hanging palm branch with pointed leaves at the end. You will also be painting another piece of land below the water line.

And there you have it! Easy huh?

Now to put the finishing touches on your forest painting which is a no brainer. Just make vertical lines and then form the top, scribble in the foliage in a cone shaped lines the lines.


As I stated before, I got these ideas from YouTube. Since it is a painting, these instructions may be just a bit cumbersome without visual aid. For beginner projects, I thought these were very good considering how simple the methods were. I hope you enjoyed this little smidgen of art techniques. My favorite one was by far they second one. It created a lot of tranquility for me. I hope you liked what you got at the end for both examples.

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