Benjamin Moore Interior Paint Colors

Before you go any further, you may be wondering why a site post that is titled Benjamin Moore Interior Paint Colors, has to do with art. Of course there is an obvious correlation in that both art work and interior painting have in common; they both involve paint and an innate method as well as a pronounced aesthetic appeal.

Interior painting is an art in itself. It can create a living and interactive environment on walls floors or ceilings. In this case the whole inside of your house is a canvas. It is similar to the affect of Chinese balance and impression of fengshui although that kind of art involves furniture and other physical elements.

Now to the main point. So you’ve decided or are leaning for Benjamin Moore paints. Great choice. One of the things I like about BM is that it is smaller and more focused company. It’s more close nit. They’re typically found in single, compartmentalized buildings. Most big time home improvement stores don’t have them.

The paint in the Benjamin Moore lineup I will review is the Aura Matte/eggshell/satin/semigloss. To begin with it, is highly adherent. It finishes with a uniform and full bodied texture. Some people claim to not have to apply a primer before hand! That, in my opinion is a pretty big plus. As for where to apply it, I suggest bathrooms and baby rooms. This is because, no to be vulgar, when someone is using the bathroom they will naturally be drawn to gravitate towards the wall if there is no photo. More over in such a first time close encounter, it is the first deep focused color experience. and this color hue, like all the Auras, is very gentle on the eyes. The white grey mix is relaxing to the mind.

It is no wonder that kind of whites like eggshell or white dove are used on the walls of mental facilities and padded rooms among other white textured hues. This color is good in luxurious entry ways. The first general impression is vital. It gives a relaxing mood in large intimidating spaces. It can also serves as a subtle backdrop to decorative items like lamps, Venetian blinds, windows and simply shaped furniture of strong yet calming appearance.

As with any interior paint job, you must have an empty space. But as a general piece of advice, try to keep a clear vision of your space layout. Quite often, people tend to do another paint job after they have gathered and arrayed there decor like pictures and furniture.

Getting back to the Aura paint type, it is very resilient to ware, scrape, chips, and dirt collection. It is a very rich, luscious texture that you feel you can eat it. I call this is what I call the “yummy factor.” Imagine, for example, a brand new hot red Corvette. The sheen is sweet and it is easy and pleasing to the eye. Unfortunately, unless it is washed and waxed everyday very thoroughly, its deep, vibrant luster will degrade.

The Aura line up keeps on strutting its stuff for years to come. As stated before, this paint is smooth and silky when you apply it.

But like most of this narration, some of the things are subjective. I encourage you to find your own color scheme. Experiment with how you want this whole collage of uses and find your focus. After all, its your own tastes. Take into consideration what the pros have to say, but absorb it with a grain of salt!

Please remember to comment! And if you do get the Aura or any other Benjamin Moore paint, I’d love to hear how you like it. Tootles!


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