Contemporary Art

Contemporary art is art of today. It’s pop culture infused into the present mode of composition. I hope you will take a gander at these classy and most likely familiar art images. There’s more to come! And if you have a remark or question about these pieces please comment at the on the home page!

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Idols vs. Rivals Canvas From Inktuitive

I like this one. It is very humorous and I thought the depiction of all four money moguls grouped together was quite clever. But by far the reference to the Monopoly man as the supreme contender was accurate as he is the only one not shown in a frame. I believe the Monopoly man came before the other three pictured behind the desk. At the upper left side of the picture a half portrait of the Mona Lisa is visible. At the lower left side I believe there is a  portrayal of a man with a reed beard. He’s probably someone significant but I do not know who he is.  But what do you think is the supreme money maker?



Dream Trilogy – 3 Piece Set Canvases From Inktuitive

This art piece is ultra contemporary! The rainbow of colors is vibrant and just jumps out at you. I’m not sure what the center piece is supposed to convey. They could be stars or symbols. The dark background really brings out the color. There is also a slight contrast that is somewhat stark and eerie within the dark backdrop. The left image of the color speckled horse is very cool and archaic if you would. It would seem to symbolize power, beauty or pride. And in this sense, it kind of portrays the dual horses or dragons that embody many European  coat of arms. In a single descriptive word I would call it nationalistic prowess.

The right piece of the set is clearly a remark insinuating capitalism with it’s logo that reads “wealth” and “success” below it. The image of the crown is a strong, blatant and rugged embodiment of the saying “Money is power.”

Overall like most art of present days, there is a meaning behind the creativity and attractive layout of it. What about you? Do you pick up some different subtle undertones?

Vader Villain Canvas From Inktuitive

This is as contemporary as it gets! It’s the dark, classic antagonist himself. You can’t be any eviler. One thing I like about this is the way the artist makes his face red and not black. It gives the painting an abstract, whimsical feeling. The backdrop is unique as well. It is a simple white vortex-like image. This painting is perfect for the Gothic person; it’s dark and made to look so. And for us who know the Star Wars series (and who doesn’t?) it gives a measure of sweet nostalgia.

I also think this could appeal to people who do not care for the sci-fi universe. The quality of the piece is almost flawless in regard to it causes me to stare at it juts because of its inherent fascination element.

As always please feel free to leave comments in the home page!  And if you want more pieces like the ones above, let me know! I’d be happy to add more!

Until that time I hope you have a great day art connoisseurs!