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Welcome to this site!! Below are my favorite art pieces thus far. As you can see this site is still under development. But it will improve with a better layout and more works of art and art implements including how-to books. So please check back often and I’m sure Nostalgic Images Venue will inevitably get better.


My goal is to eventually present you with a good variation and selection of art. In the mean time, feel free to peruse through these few paintings or scroll through similar ones in the links. As usual, I intend to post at related material three times a week,  on this site. So feel free to go through them.  And please leave comments!!

Hear from you later art connoisseurs!


Note: click the links to see the image full sized.  

This piece is classified as 3D. There are raised paint lines that give an accented feel to it. It is  very calming and easy on the eyes. It has an eclipsing outer blue texture that surrounds the picture of the flower. One reason I think this image is so attractive is that blue is a primary color. It’s quite mysterious and alluring. I think this would be a good living room or hallway centerpiece because it is very pronounced and naturally enticing to the eye. It’s almost dreamlike and captivates the imagination. I love this one!

I think this one is a great piece and at great price. If you’ll click on the image, you will find that it has contours that are very pronounced and solid. I can almost feel the ridges. I also love how the artist blends the three color hues to create depth. The grass is long and flush in the way that the contours are solid to the eyes.

Not to use a cliche about other paintings, but this is very dream-like. It’s like the dreams that you see for a  short time than you wake up and your left with a fleeting nostalgic emotion. The sky also conforms with the the grass and the snow. It is dabbed and stroked with a rough consistency. Some artist would set the sky as the central element. But here the artist makes everything uniform.

I can’t stress more on the “feel” and mental grip, so to speak. Like I said, it is great deal for the size and affect of the painting. I’d get it myself but it won’t fit in my room. And There is already a painting that graces the living room. lol.

Anyway, that’s my spiel. If you like this painting or if you just want to comment about it or on any work on this site. Don’t be shy! I’d love to hear from you!


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