Beautiful Angel Art

Angel paintings are probably one of the most enduring, classic and lovely depictions ever to be put on on canvas or in many cases, through murals portrayed on ceilings and walls of buildings. An example of such renderings that many come to mind are medieval and Renaissance cathedrals or churches that feature beautiful angel art. What do you picture when you hear the word Cherub? Do you think of a small, chubby and mostly nude little baby with wings? Ah, but that is just a creation of presumptuous, and long gone artists. Nevertheless, we love and adore the artwork they compose. There are some less prominent artist in history who have it right.

The truth of the matter is that Cherubim (the plural of cherub) are tremendously different in appearance and in their purpose. according to the Bible, Cherubim first appeared in the book of Genesis. I this first account, they are stationed at the Garden of Eden to keep Adam and Eve and their offspring from reentering the garden when they were expelled.

The true image of a Cherub may be quite eerie and even frightening.

A cherub has four faces: an eagle, a lion, a man and a cherub. Cherub never appears alone but in groups of four. Two wings cover their bodies and to touched the two on either side of each. Cherubim have straight legs  and have hands under their wings and literally move like lighting. These heavenly beings shine like burnished bronze and over their whole bodies are eyes.

Albeit, this description may be hard to imagine. Yet Ezekiel used his best words to describe a cherubim. Another special angel is called a Seraph. Seraphim are less used in angelic art. This angel type has six wings: two that cover their faces, two cover their bodies and two to fly.

Historically, the first Christian rendering of angels occurred in the middle of the third century. The drawing is very unrecognizable. It is called the Catacomb of Priscilla. This depiction shows the angel Gabriel. Here, he is displayed without wings.

In the fourth century, angels appeared in white robes. Later on in Byzantine  art, there is a recording of an angel called Victory who had wings. The first official drawing of winged angels was called  Prince’s Sarcophagus, discovered at Sarigüzel in the 1930’s.

Where to get the best canvas oil paintings sale

When It comes to art, everyone has their style of choice. Oil paintings may be the most embellishing and preferred selection. Collecting art is more refined and sophisticated than their hobbies. Unfortunately, it is also the most costly. Today I will show you where to go to get the perfect canvas oil paintings sale.

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This may just be an exhaustive list of art dealers on the web who have sales going on. There is on online art dealer I wish had sales. That company is called 1stdibs. They are by far the most expensive company there is. Most of their pieces are roughly $5,000+ each. One art piece is going for $18,000. It’s called Freefall composed in 2014 by an artist named Ron Rizk. Speaking for myself, that is too rich for my blood as the saying goes.

I hope this helped you get good deals that you’ll take advantage off. Of course these sales may fluctuate from time to time. I would check every so often at these online distributors to spot the best of the best deals. Please leave a comment below if anything catches your fancy from these online stores. Or just comment about whatever you want. I’d love to hear from you!

Wild life photography, Skyscraper Construction, and Under Sea Paintings

In ancient and modern times, art is everywhere. We see it in buildings, in the clouds, and one my personal favorites-in the ocean! I absolutely adore under sea paintings. If you frequently have a tendency to zone out and lose yourself in a piece of art depicting a pod of dolphins with the rippling light on their bodies, you know what I mean. But my nostalgic muse goes beyond the earth to outer planets and vast galaxies. Here I will discuss the art categories that solicit my fancy!


There are a plethora of examples of unique and sometimes unconventional architecture. There was one such instance I encountered a house on the net that was shaped and painted like a large hand basket! How’s that for thinking outside the box? But for this part of my discussion I will focus on probably one of the most familiar pieces of artful construction-the Leaning Tower of Pisa. It has never been conclusively asserted who designed the tower. To me this adds to the mystery and fascination of the building. 

A pertinent joke held by a good degree of society is “When will it finally tip over and break into a thousand pieces of stone?” Indeed, it is quite comical to observe. Fortunately, the tilt has been intermittently lessened from 1993 to 2018. I am very happy for this. In actuality, it would be quite tragic if this timeless building were to collapse.

 But on the whole, if I could visit any place to adore an architectural setting, it would be Venice. The aquatic environment added with the timeless building structures is unique. So that is my spiel on the subject of architecture.

Landscape Photography

I have a special visual fetish which is photography that captures the still, natural, awe of land formations. Instead of focusing on a specific thing, I will highlight on the majestic, rising, beautiful image of mountains and other rich captions of nature on a general scope. Here at home in Vegas, I can enjoy the serene view of Mount Charleston. Another mountain range I’e seen in person are the rusty red luster of the Copper Hills in Salt Lake City. On my top list of mountains to see with my own eyes is the Matterhorn, Mount Everest, Mount Fuji and others.

I’ve always loved the effervescent peace of Japanese topography. Specifically, the images of grassy hills blanketed in mist. If you’ve seen Japanese nature art, you’ll know what I speak of. I also fancy tropical forest settings found in South America and Asia. I love it when National Geographic sends in US photographers to these places. On another note, I like pictures of wildlife in these places. I love tarantula.

Digital Art

This venue of art is obviously a thing of modern times that was introduced within the last two decades. I first took a liking to holographic pictures when I was a preteen. The holographic picture I first remember seeing was a rendering of a fighter jet. I was wowed! Strangely though, 3D art is not as popular as it should be in my opinion,

Regular digital falls into the category of plain computer graphics. Whether they’re still or set in motion, to me, it’s art. But some may disagree that a CGI animation is official art. Be that as it may, it is still pleasing to the eye.

I recently saw digital art of dolphins leaping out of the water. It was barely discernible to tell it was CGI. I truly hope projected holograms becomes a mainstream medium. None of the big dogs like Sony, Microsoft or Samsung haven’t really explored this surreal and probably lucrative venue.


This is what the typical kind of art we associate with. A lot of us know the paintings but don’t know their titles. The first painting that comes to mind is probably the Mona Lisa. Next we may think of The Last Supper by Leonardo Da Vinci. But did you know that the famous artist had it wrong? The building is the Monastery of Santa Maria delle Grazie in Milan. Next the people in the picture sat on chairs. In actuality, they reclined on pillows at a low table. A final piece of famous paintings is the Creation of Adam by Michelangelo. It’s that one painting with Adam touching fingers with God who is on a cloud with angels.

Apart from conventional paintings, there is of course abstract paintings. Van Goh probably comes to mind. His most notable work was called Starry Night composed in 1899. It is described by some art critics as ethereal and dreamlike. The melencholy blue that depicts the sky is mystifying and carries the transient tone of a dream.


Art is a beguiling thing. It takes a keen mind and sharp analyzing skills to discern the element of most art. It;s not just a matter of taste and palate but of how the mind filters what is seen that touches the heart. I’ve always carried a moderate niche for art. Yet I never knew the deep complexities of painting in particular.

But it is a true experience to dissect a piece of art for yourself. I can ask myself, what makes these classic paintings so classic anyway? Why do people pay such outlandish costs for so called refined and exquisite pieces of art? If you’ve ever read a review of an art critic, you may see how they really delve deep into the feeling, emotion and impression that classic paintings instill. They say things like-“The contrast of the white clouds in relation to the lush green foliage highlights the overall innate gentle caption of the subtle natural inflection of the piece.” For the laymen, it may sound like Loony Toons. 

Nevertheless, I admire such people that have an overarching passion who really feel things so deeply. Having a passion for art is like any niche; you must know the history of art and its present state of development. One must explicate the subject. That is why I must do research on art. I hope this was informative and that you see art in a different and more refined shade.

About the Editor

Welcome to this site! This is a resource to a wide selection of paintings, pictures and photos of wildlife, scenery, architecture and more. It is also a place for inspiration for writing fiction.


From childhood I’ve always loved to get lost in beautiful scenes of nature, architecture and beyond. In college, I considered architecture, photography, and computer aided design. Eventually, I gravitated toward another passion which is writing. But I found a correlation between these two interests. Pictures generate the muse for my fiction writing.

It’s amazing how a simple painting or poster allows me to delve into a plethora of creative ideas. Pictures can have the elements of a dream. Each image has potential to thrust me into a surreal experience.

One of my favorite things to do is gaze at the clouds and be in extravagant awe at how the sun rays permeate and illuminate them in such heavenly affect. At young age most of us might have done that. I suppose you could say my childlike essence still thrives in me.

Concerning basic facts about me, I live in Fabulous Las Vegas and I hold an AA in creative writing. I am part of an online site (not this one) that caters to all levels of writers both published authors and aspiring amateurs.


I want to help people because pictures can be very uplifting and therapeutic. This especially true with images of nature. They say a picture is worth a thousand words. How true that is! This is particularly relevant in regard to my writing. I also want to display God’s handiwork which is proof of His wonderfully creative design and vision.

Besides that, I want to provide a template for other writers to compose from. Just a simple setting can create tales of fantasy, tragic love stories, or archaic descriptions of a fictional world.


My aim is to simply provide you with the most robust, entrancing and thought-provoking images out there. I also desire to promote art and photos that deserve recognition. Likewise, I want to supply you with an array of images on an easy online platform. If you just want to peruse the collection of paintings, photos and posters here, that’s just fine too!

If you ever need a hand or have any questions, feel free to leave them below and I will be more than happy to help you out.
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